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Beer and Cigars

October 16, 2012 | Comment

I had to run out to Hanover Crossing yesterday for a quick grocery store trip and noticed something right away. It looks like the planned move of Case Beer Outlet to the old party store location might be off. I can’t tell for sure, but some sleuthing leads me in that direction.

The planned location has signs in the window advertising the space for lease, and the notice about an LCB hearing for the move was gone. I checked the LCB database and found nothing on Case Beer at all. Maybe my searching skills stink because I didn’t even find a listing for the existing location.

Either way, the store looked like it was for lease again. The two stores next to the site also have some movement. One is a Weight Watchers location – I can’t remember if it was there before or if it moved from elsewhere in the center. The other one had a hand-written sign about a cigar store coming. So we have that to look forward to.

Maybe I missed the news about Case Beer’s plans, but I hope they still plan on coming to the shopping center. I generally go to the York Street distributor because of convenience and their selection, but I like the idea of a beer distributor being in the same shopping center as a state store. It just makes sense.

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