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As The Cabin Turns

June 29, 2017 | Comment

I am happy to admit when I am wrong, and this week was one of those cases. When the topic of the Santa’s cabin came up, I had been told (and a lot of people I know understood) that the borough did not own the cabin, that we merely held it for the Exchange Club. So I encouraged people to direct their conversation at them, not council.

Well, now it seems as if the borough does own it, which changes the dynamic completely. If someone else owned it, I felt we really didn’t have a say on whetehr it was repaired, rebuilt or whatever. But if we do own it, we need to lead the project.

That’s why I asked the question at last night’s council meeting and talked afterward with our Public Works Director. They are going to take a look at it, and we will go from there.

I can’t promise what will happen except that our staff will hopefully take the lead on this. If it’s ours, we should be making the call in consultation with the folks who run the events.

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