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Another HPSD Personnel Change

August 1, 2013 | Comment

Well, a potential one. A week and a half ago or so, I blogged about the Deans of Students jobs being open at the district. Well, I rescind that news because a nosey peek at the district site today indicates that the dean positions are out and the assistant principal model is back. With one catch.

They are advertising for one assistant principal who will float between the middle and high schools.

I know this is a summer of upheaval – the paper reported on Twitter yesterday that the superintendent search will be pushed back because school starts early this year (Aug. 22) and the board wants to focus on that – but this is interesting news three weeks before school starts. Sharing this responsibility will be hard even though the two schools are so close.

The optimistic part of me hopes that the board already has someone on staff in mind, and they will be able to step into this position seamlessly. The cynic wonders if this will have as many hiccups as last year’s two principals for three elementary schools strategy. Only time will tell.

One other nugget I gleaned from this little fishing expedition: the district has posted the copies of the contracts it has with the unions for teachers and support staff. I love this openness and wish someone, perhaps Hanover Boro could learn a lesson from this.


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