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Again, It’s the Communication

August 27, 2012 | Comment

The always fun Hanover Confidential page on Facebook provided some very enlightening commentary this weekend on the situation involving the rundown building at 219 Baltimore Street. What I found most interesting that the post pretty much repeated what we’ve been reading in the paper, just with a little bit more context and less hopelessness.

OK, we get that the borough just can’t take over the building, but when the solicitor (who I like) sounds pedantic with his boilerplate “there is a lot of paperwork involved” and the borough manager tries to soothe people by saying that this building isn’t even the worst one in the borough.

Uh, thanks?

Hopefully the YCEDC will get involved and/or one of the prior inquiries will come to fruition, but I don’t think people can be blamed when the public message has seemingly mimicked this:

Like the school district, the borough administration seems to wait until the issue has gone too far before offering any explanation and then does so in a real ham-handed way. Why do we have to wait for a councilperson to step forward on a social media site and try to put things in perspective.

Don’t tell me that this problem isn’t as bad as other problems when this one obviously has struck a nerve. Don’t tell me that there’s a lot of paperwork when you can tell me what you have already tried to accomplish. Don’t act like you don’t have tools at your disposal when the options available have been used for other sites around the borough in the past.

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