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Act Like You’ve Been There

September 20, 2011 | Comment

Famed football coach Vince Lombardi once said something along the lines of, “”When you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before.” That’s kind of how I feel the reaction should have been to the Olive Garden opening after reading the newspaper today.

In case you hadn’t heard (and how could you not), Olive Garden has come to Hanover. There may have been a story (or two or three) in the newspaper.

I don’t have any ill will toward people who enjoy eating at Olive Garden. The chain has certainly achieved a lot of success even if I’m one of those people who think you can find better Italian food elsewhere. To each his own.

So if you love the Olive Garden, go for it. The salad dressing is crack-like and who can turn down unlimited bread sticks? I just wish the narrative didn’t sound like people have never had the opportunity to visit an Olive Garden, or an Italian restaurant for that matter.

We should all act like Olive Garden is less than 30 minutes away. We should all act like Hanover has plenty of places to eat, especially Buona Fortuna (my personal favorite) and La Cucina. Many of these places are locally owned and operated and provide a unique experience.

I certainly don’t think the developments at Gateway Hanover should go unnoticed, but maybe we would all be better served by focusing on the impact the jobs at Olive Garden and the other new stores are having for local residents instead of raving about the bread sticks we can hear about on television commercials all the time.

I hope Olive Garden succeeds. I hope the people who have jobs there are able to contribute more to the local economy. Like maybe eating at some of the restaurants and buying things at the stores which have been here for a long time.


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