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Accentuate the Positive

August 28, 2012 | 2 Comments

I have a problem with my writing. Sometimes, I get the strongest urge to write when I see something I don’t like. That can make me seem like a whiny, cranky person when, in reality, I’m an incredibly positive sort.

So let’s take that bent a little further with that post. I might not like some of the things the board and administration have done lately, but I know that my daughter has a good future ahead of her because so many positive, caring, talented people work in our schools.

If I wanted to do a list of the quality of her teachers up to this point, I would have an almost impossible time categorizing anyone as the “worst.” One would ultimately have to end up on that list if I decided to make it, but they would be merely the least impressive among an important group of people.

A letter to the editor appeared in the paper recently encouraging people to focus on the positive coming out of the Hanover schools. I agree with that (although i think we should keep talking about the negative, but mainly in the context of how we can move forward) and can honestly say that the biggest positive through our seven years in Hanover schools have been the people in charge of the instruction.

So while some may shake pitchforks at the administration building and demand some sort of investigation because of what they have done, I have a different piece of advice – listen to the parents and teachers more. Sure, you need to analyze data (more on that in another post) and figure out ways to meet the standards the state thrusts upon you, but don’t think that the answer always lies in the curriculum you buy or the strategies you pass down to the staff.

You have good people in the classrooms. Let them find creative ways to break through the BS to get to the kids. Let them challenge the students who need challenging, not just lift up the kids who may have fallen behind. Find a way to serve every student. That’s what your teachers want to do and can do.

So thank you to Mrs. Wagaman, Mrs. Heinemann, Mrs. Ross. Mrs. Gladfelter, Mrs. Jarrett, Mr. Reck, Miss Wright, Miss Logan, Mrs. Jordan, Miss Shrader, Mrs. Gregory and the many, many, many other people who have helped my daughter over the past seven years. I know I will add many more influential people to that list in the coming years.

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  1. I only want to mention one of the teachers you missed….unfortunately she is no longer with the HPSD but I pray that some day she will return…Mrs. Patti Sprenkle – an extremely dedicated teacher who is missed every day! Ironically, her email remains on the school website, hmmmm

  2. Thanks, Stacey! Patti was awesome. I was going down the list of people who we had directly and Bridget wasn’t in her room except for a few things. I knew I would miss someone though!

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