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A Welcome Reminder

July 31, 2013 | Comment

Since I was home alone for a few nights at the beginning of the week, I made a point to plan for dinner downtown. I settled on something simple at the Warehouse Gourmet brewpub since I had recently eaten at the Famous, the Lucky Spot and the Hanover Hub (more on that experience another day).

I walked over to Philadelphia Street last night with images of wings dancing in my head. I hadn’t sampled the pub menu yet so I looked forward to this new experience. Count me in as a fan.

They sell wings by the pound, which means about six wings per pound. The price isn’t cheap (I think they were $9.50), but you get your money’s worth. I had six really meaty wings, baked instead of fried, covered in a fantastic Buffalo sauce. The wings didn’t sit in a pool of sauce (one of my wing pet peeves) and more than provided me with an adequate dinner. I had considered getting something else to eat before the order came, but that thought never entered my mind after I finished.

They didn’t have Passive Agressive Pale Ale (PAPA for short), my favorite Warehouse beer, on tap last night, but the Downtown Brown filled in nicely and went very well with the meal. The pub had a decent crowd throughout the night, and I discovered that I have known the bartender’s family almost since I can remember, which is pretty cool.

As I enjoyed a few beers with a friend, I pointed out that I keep saying I need to come to the Warehouse more often. I hadn’t grabbed a meal or a drink there for more than four months since the last time I said that. Let’s hope I keep that promise this time.


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